Online Local Service Area Marketing

Own Top Page Positions on Google for your category of business in your local market area.

The Launch Connection can put you there – Guaranteed! Our Unique Internet Marketing program has been designed specifically for the Local Small Business environment.

This is a truly unique opportunity for your company to be listed on page one of search results initiated by ready-to-buy customers. The Launch Connection will achieve priority position for your company for key words and phrases numbering between 80 and 300 and funneling all searches to your company listing.

Priority position is guaranteed - By the time your set-up fee is due you will already be experiencing increased exposure and actions taken by new customers. Results begin to appear almost immediately and build over time to full potential in 4 to 6 months. Within some industries, certain key words are very competitive and difficult to achieve page one listings, however our program is proven to increase page ranking and exposure significantly even in the most difficult categories.

Complete Exclusivity for your business – As part of your agreement you will be the only business with which we work within your business category. We will not offer this Local Service Area program to any of your competitors within a 15 mile radius of your location.

Here’s what we do for you…

Initial market ready set-up of your business listing/profile

  • Conduct a detailed analysis of your current business listing content and page ranking

  • Determine the right tools and techniques to get maximum exposure for your business listing

  • Identify all search valuable key word sets and phrases.Activate all tools for attracting and linking your listing to key word sets

  • Totally optimized your business listing/profile to satisfy google search criteria

  • Script, shoot and produce several video “shorts” (45 to 60 seconds).

Monthly maintenance

  • Monitor the volume of consumer traffic sees your business listing/profile.

  • Initiate any necessary adjustments in order to maintain priority search ranking.Provide periodic reports detailing consumer traffic totals for valuable key word sets.

  • The report also tracks consumer actions. An action is a click on your company profile, website, email, location map, driving directions or a phone call into your store.

  • Another key action is a direct phone call to your place of business. We provide a convenient tabulation sheet so you and your staff can track the source of new customers.

  • We also provide you with your own form with instructions to encourage customers to write and post a review which aids in your page ranking.

Here are the costs for the program we offer…

Set-up and Programming Fee

  • The initial analysis and set-up fee is between $600 and $1,000.

  • The initial analysis and set-up is a one time fee.

Monthly Maintenance Fee

  • The monthly monitoring and maintenance fee is $500.

  • The monthly includes detailed reporting of traffic and actions taken.

There are no variables.  No pay per click.

Our charges are flat fees.  Predictable.  And you can track your marketing ROI as measured by new sales and new customer relationships that pay back for years.

The Launch Connection Delivers Results

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