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The Product Launch Checklist: If you Don’t Have these 5 Things in Place, Then You’re Not Ready.

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Being a Product Launch Manager, I’ve spoken with a number of different clients at this point. They all want to do a launch. Everyone wants to do a launch, there really isn’t any faster way to connect with your customers, build your list, and rocket your business momentum straight out to a whole new level.

But you know what? A launch is a big deal to put together, and if you want the kinds of results I’ve seen a successful launch pull down (a year’s worth of sales in a week isn’t uncommon) there’s a few things you’ll need to have in place first.

  • Your List – this one’s the first thing I look for. No list, no launch. The main questions I ask prospective clients are mainly to help get a sense of how well the people on the list know you, and how many people there are. You have a separate list of buyers and prospects, right? A buyers list tends to respond around 15 to 20 times better than prospect lists in the industries I’ve worked in. How did you build the list? How often do you get in touch with them? Having a community of people that already love your stuff makes things way easier, that’s always the first thing I look for in a client.
  • Your Offer - A lot of businesses I’ve talked to get hung up on what they’re selling, so here’s a few questions to think about. Does it solve a problem people are emotionally invested in solving? (people don’t care that you have a cream that cures acne, they care about looking good for friends and dates, right?) Can you demonstrate it easily? This can be anything from case studies of a past client to a video showing off what you’ve got in a big way. Is it priced right? This one’s key, and if you’re looking for a larger volume front end product, what up sells and cross sells are you using to flesh out the back end? These are all things that need to be in place if a launch is going to be both successful and profitable. There’s a handful of other good questions to ask, and you better be ready to think about them. Nothing will kill a launch faster than screwing this part up.
  • The Big Open! – Time for the launch to go live, and all good launches start out with a bit of shock and awe. Get people excited! Hint: take a customer, and sit down with them. You have two hours. What can you help them do that will make them feel like they should already be giving you money? Take care of part of their problem for them, nothing gets attention faster than that. The better your free content is on the front end, the more valuable they’ll figure the product on the back end is once you get to announcing it.
  • Video Hosting - After you’ve got your great videos made, you’ll need to know how to make it easy for people to watch. Where are you going to host it? Youtube’s the wrong answer, and even Amazon S3 really isn’t the best choice. For most launches below the 7 figure level, I’d say go with For the price, speed, and quality you really can’t beat it.
  • Your Team – So bad news, you need heart surgery. You want to make sure it gets done right, yeah? Well, it’s the same with the health of your business. A lot of unforeseen problems can pop up during a launch, I’ve seen it myself, I’ve heard about it from the other product launch managers in my network, and I’ve heard it from Jeff Walker himself. A good team that’s been through a few launches before can help you through almost any issue. Key roles are going to be at minimum: copywriting, tech and analysis, and project management. You’ll probably also need a video guy, a JV/affiliate manager, and a few other things besides.

If you’re thinking of doing a launch soon and you’d like to see how prepared you are, you can drop us a line in the contact form to the right.