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Is there a need for an official small business online marketing agency?

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

I just saw this question on linkedin today, and I couldn’t help smiling. I just got a mailing for a new launch in the IM space today:

plus I saw another selling basically the same thing last month. The other launch is already over, but you know what both of these launches were selling? They’re teaching would-be internet marketers how to get into consulting for local business. Oddly enough, just what I independently decided to do two months ago. It’s worked out rather well so far if I do say so myself, a few networking meetings and some time spent in the linkedin question and answer section to show that I know a thing or two has let me land plenty of new connections in a relatively short period of time.

Here’s why it works: someone making a decent (but not great) buck doing affiliate marketing for dog training products would easily be able to just dominate the local google results in all but the biggest cities. I’ve gotten into this on the side myself while I’m lining up bigger product launch gigs in the infomarketing space. I’ve been kind of shocked to see how (comparatively) low competition the local business scene is. ‘dog training’ on the front page of google has all pages with hundreds and thousands of backlinks.

Seattle car repair on the other hand?

Nothing. Mostly pages with zero backlinks. A properly set up blog that’s updated a little with just a few low level feeder sites can net a business half the first page for some of the local key words.

Is there a need for an official small business online marketing agency? Here’s what there’s a need for… there’s a need for hope and health and prosperity among the local businesses in this country. We all know the numbers, there’s a lot of fear out there, and there’s only three things every business out there that’s struggling needs help with:

1. bringing in new customers
2. creating a better back end, so they can make more money per customer per visit
3. strengthen the customer relationship, so current customers stay on longer and come back more frequently.

Anyone who can do even one of those things with any degree of success is going to be have an easy time putting food on his plate, I don’t care if it’s a firm or a 12 year old kid, and if the local businesses in question believes they’ll be getting the results they need, I doubt very much they’d care either.