Online LSA (Local Service Area) Marketing for Small Businesses

First page Google Search Result Ranking is the single most important marketing factor for today's Small Business Success.
Fill out this Free Questionaire and discover how your company can get first page ranking from our LSA (Local Service Area) marketing program.

Grow your business with affordable internet marketing

Until now, only big corporate accounts could afford to market utilizing the techniques and technological tools that are employed in our program. The same complex methods previously used only by big companies are now available to the small local retailer. And most importantly, offered at a very affordable rate.

Discover how to put your company on the first page of search results from ready-to-buy consumers within your local service area market.

Some crucial Points

  • 93% of all consumer purchases begin with an Internet search
  • Buyers search by key words or phrases relative to their interest
  • Search results show companies with relevant products or services
  • 87% of purchases are made from stores with first page results position
  • The Launch Connection can put your company on the first page, GUARANTEED
  • Your company will have exclusivity for its business category within 15 miles
  • No pay per click charges and without expensive Adwords

What clients are saying about our Online LSA (Local Service Area) Marketing program.

“This marketing program has given me the best September that I’ve had in 15 years of being in business.”
- Wade, wood stoves and fireplaces

“My first page ranking has improved dramatically and people are calling every day.”
- Steve, auto repair

“I wish I’d known about this program before I spent marketing money on a Yellow page ad.”
- Randy, chiropractics

“I can see how I can plan around my off months and advertise more effectively using this program.”
- Jan, wood stoves and fireplaces

You can measure the ROI for your marketing dollar.

Traditional marketing and advertising media are difficult, at best, to determine exactly what the dollar return is for the amount invested.  Not true with the internet.

  • You can control how much you spend on the internet.
  • You can track how much traffic you are receiving for the dollars spent.
  • You also can track the number of sales leads you receive from that volume of traffic.
  • Do you know the effectiveness of your selling system?
  • How many leads does it take to close a sale?
  • The effectiveness of the internet program is then measured against the value of the sale.

What is a sale truly worth? Extended value lies in resale volume, cross sale value of other products or services and ultimately the opportunity to develop customer loyalty and the value of that lifetime customer relationship.

At that point, your initial internet cost per sale returns far more than merely the revenue generated from the first sale. 

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